New Initiative from Pebbles Project

New Initiative from Pebbles Project

PEBBLES PROJECT-Sponsor A Sanitary Kit Programme

A wonderful new initiative to help teenage girls.

The main emphasis of the Pebbles Project is education. We enrich the lives of disadvantaged children and families in the Winelands farming communities in the Western Cape, South Africa. We focus on the entire life of the child and the challenging circumstances in which they live in order to make a significant and lasting difference. Since our inception in 2004, we have impacted the lives of children and their families by providing support and intervention in five key areas: Education, Health, Nutrition, Community and Protection.

Many young girls we support do not have access to sanitary pads; which leads to a decline in their school attendance and affects their participation in class because they feel uncomfortable. In an environment where gender discrimination against women is still rife, the additional burden of menses impacting negatively on school attendance for girls, merits serious attention. It is for these reasons among others that we initiated the Sponsor a Sanitary Kit Programme


£20 for 1x sanitary kit.

The sanitary kit consists of a drawstring bag complete with a pack of sanitary pads, a 5-pack of underwear, a facecloth, an anti-perspirant roll-on, hand cream, hand sanitizer, a notepad and a pack of pocket tissues. By providing these sanitary products, you will not only promote confidence and dignity for the young girls but will also encourage them to stay in school.

Contact Rachel at should you wish to sponsor a Sanitary Kit or donate any new items to go in the kit. Please use the following reference on your payments: SASK/YOUR SURNAME