Incomparable Ceramic Buttons – Made and Painted by Hand

Incomparable Ceramic Buttons – Made and Painted by Hand

Most of the Incomparable team had never held a paintbrush before they joined the company and are now absolute masters of their brushes and justifiably proud of their work.
The ladies sense of belonging within the company and skills as crafters not only gives them tremendous pleasure but also working under Fair Trade policies provides them with economic empowerment and has uplifted their families.
Working at the button factory has helped me to have housing and to send Sipho to nursery school  ( Thandi). 

I come from Swaziland and I struggled to find work ..I started working for INCOMPARABLE 14 years ago and have been able to send money back to my family every month.(Nokhuthula )

Me and my daughter Thulisile work for Incomparable. I have 5 children and no husband. I have supported them all to begin with from my salary. Now Thulisile works for us and my son Mandla also (Martha)

Incomparable has helped me a lot. I am a breadwinner with 3 children aged 13, 4 and 1 year.  I am the painting Supervisor. I love my job very much. Miss Jen (our boss who started the company) is like our family. All our problems are on her head and she tries always to help us.I hope my children can work for her one day. (Clementina)

My husband died and I have 5 children none of them are working except Gladys who also works with me at INCOMPARABLE. I support all of them myself. I have been working for Incomparable for 15 years now. They help me with loans sometimes and also to support my family. I never want to work anywhere else. (Martha)

Injabulo has been selling these beautiful buttons for nearly 20 years – we now stock such a wide range which changes all the time and there are too many to show on the website. We have the full range with us at all the shows that we do but contact us anytime to check what we have in stock and see how these stunning buttons can make the ordinary extraordinary.