Fairtrade Baskets from Africa


Fair Trade means lots of things to different people. To us it is the basis for making a difference to the lives of people by adhering to the following principles:

  • Treating people, however disadvantaged, with respect – for their lifestyle, their culture and their skill and giving them the opportunity to earn a real living with dignity and pride.
  • Paying a fair price for their goods, which means that we get top quality
  • Helping them to learn new skills and extend their abilities by introducing them to new ways to use their present skills and new ideas for products.
  • Passing on feedback from customers to give them encouragement and self-belief.
  • Working with small businesses, not for profit organisations and co-operatives to make a real difference to the lives of the workers and their usually large extended families.
  • To work with our chosen charity ” Pebbles Project” and do what we can to raise the profile of this worthwhile charity and raise funds through various means therefore enabling us to sponsor many children.
  • To have an “open door” policy – we have nothing to hide – only pleasure and pride in sending you information about the people that make the products that we sell.
  • To build genuine hope for a better future for all


As a business and a family we firmly believe in re-cycling and doing our bit for the environment. We firmly believe that if everyone does their bit – no matter how small or insignificant it seems, we really can make a difference and help protect the future for generations to come.

At Injabulo we use recycled materials and envelopes for our packaging.


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