Fairtrade African Baskets

Injabulo is an ethical seller of Fairtrade African baskets: Bolga baskets from Ghana, Zulu ceremonial baskets, Telephone Wire Baskets from South Africa and Sweetgrass baskets from Rwanda. Each one of our stylish baskets is handmade to the highest standards, and each basket is totally unique.

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Woolfest 2019

In 2005 we were invited to take part in a new kind of show ” Woolfest” that was due to open in June 2005. What we thought was an exciting venture wa...

Summer Sale – 20% off all products!

From 1st July – 14 July there is a 20% reduction on all stock. This reduction applies to stock only on the website and once the sale is over the price wil...

What’s happening at Baba Tree- meet the Weavers

Meet the Abentara family all of whom work at Baba Tree Baskets in Bolgatanga Ghana.Looking very formal in traditional dress. Akabare ( seated) is a Master Weave...