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Injabulo is an ethical seller of Fairtrade African baskets: Bolga baskets from Ghana, Zulu ceremonial baskets and Telephone Wire Baskets from South Africa. Each one of our stylish baskets is handmade to the highest standards, and each basket is totally unique.

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Bolgatanga Baskets

The Bolga basket evolved out of woven instruments for farming, particularly sieves, which were perfectly round and without handles. Sieves were woven to brew th...

Why Bolga Baskets Come from Bolga

Have you ever wondered why something is made in a specific place and then gives it it’s name? Well, in terms of the Bolga Basket, there are of course some...

The Story Behind Zulu Beer Baskets

Traditionally the Zulu Beer Basket is used to store the home brew beer made by the Zulus. They are woven in such a way that when the weave gets wet it expands a...

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