Intricately woven by Zulu Craftsmen, these urban versions of the grass and palm bowls originally made “back home” were started by Zulu men working in the mines, where they discovered off cuts of plastic covered telephone wire in a myriad of bright colours. Ideally suited to weaving, being fine and flexible. The bowls are worked with great precision into intricate and colourful patterns. The Zulu Telephone Wire work has gained international fame and has become very collectable. These unique baskets are especially functional and can be washed in warm, soapy water.

PLEASE NOTE: The product images show a sample of each basket style and design; they may not be the actual products that you will receive. Each basket is handmade and unique with natural variations, these pictures are shown as a representation of the style you can buy. If you wish to choose a specific design please order then e-mail requesting designs available in your chosen colourway and style and we will send you images of available designs.

Telephone Wire Baskets

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