More on Telephone Wire Baskets

More on Telephone Wire Baskets

For many years now we have sold beautiful telephone wire baskets/bowls created using the more complex method of “soft wire weaving” where the basket is created over a mould.  Recently however we have bought in more exciting products woven using the “hard wire” technique.

The structure of objects made using this technique is based on a spiral of thick wire around which the inner telephone wire is wound and held together with tight loops.  This particular technique is as old as grass basket making itself; wire has been substituted for the various grasses of the core and the palm leaves used for binding.( taken from “Wired” by David Arment and Marisa Fick-Jordaan)

Friends who grew up in South Africa tell of “scoobie wire” that they would pick up and wind/weave into bracelets, this wire was in fact telephone wire.

Most people weave baskets but a few very talented souls have risen head and shoulders over the rest to become Master Weavers – their work is highly prized by collector’s around the world.

We have called the collection of hard wire baskets that we have the “Village Collection”.  Each beautiful piece represents a village scene, probably something close to the weaver’s heart.  In addition we have brought in a couple of contemporary designs.

Whether used as Wall Art or as a centrepiece for a table setting these stunning objects are real conversation pieces.  Each piece is quite heavy and weighs about 1.5 kg

Sitting and contemplating each piece, one can weave magical stories about villages, people and animals and this is surely the weavers’ translations of daily life and family.