Weavers of Hope – Meet Uwera

Weavers of Hope – Meet Uwera

The genocide of 1994, as a result of civil war between Hutu and Tutsi, left the country ravaged and over a million Rwandans lost their lives.

The women of Rwanda are striving for a better future for themselves and their children and weave their stories, hopes and aspirations into their baskets.

Uwera is one of these ladies.

Uwera is 30. She lost her parents in the genocide when she was 6. Older siblings have a responsibility to look after siblings in Rwanda but her older brother was an alcoholic and treated her badly.

She was sent to Kigali to work and at age 15 was married to an abusive husband and had two children.

Uwera is innately artisitic ; in her home she has educational pictures from magazines adorning her walls.