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More on Telephone Wire Baskets

For many years now we have sold beautiful telephone wire baskets/bowls created using the more complex method of “soft wire weaving” where the basket is created over a mould.  Recently however we have bought in more exciting products woven using the “hard wire” technique. The structure of objects made using this technique is based on a spiral of thick wir...[Read More]

Telephone Wire Baskets as Lampshades!

Telephone Wire Baskets are beautiful, exclusive, unique and very different. Have you ever thought of turning one into a lampshade or using an assortment of the medium or large range as pendant lights? A small hole can be made in the top to thread the wire through. Make a statement in your home with these beautiful baskets.

An Update on the Kinamba Project in the Covid crisis.

June 1st 2020 This is a brief update on the situation with the food distributions that are being made to families in Kigali. Seven distributions at an approximate cost of £21,000 so far. It seemed that the situation in Kigali was improving with more free movement for people, but our families are still not able to work. Yesterday the government announced that planned easing of r...[Read More]

Pennisetum Purpureum or better known as Elephant Grass

The straw is the main material used in producing a Bolga Basket.  It is obtained from a tropical grass commonly known as elephant grass.  The local names include Nanchem Gulu, Kulukata, Kpenpening and Kulkara.  The grass grows along banks of rivers. streams and swampy areas.  The grass grows, matures and tussles just like wheat.  The straw then tussles with a broom-like flower ...[Read More]

How we are dealing with Coronavirus (Covid19)

This is a time of uncertainty for us all. On line ordering will continue as normal as we’ve found that postal and courier services seem to be operating normally.  When we pack orders we take hygenic precautions by washing our hands and sanitising surfaces. Is it safe to receive parcels by post/courier?  This is the official response being given out by World Health organis...[Read More]

Home Decorating Ideas 4 Baskets love plants – Plants love baskets

We are continually told that it is healthy to have plants in the home.  Not only do they bring the outside in but they help to clean the air and give us a positive vibe. Any plant, small or large, is enhanced by being centred in a basket.  the natural materials just go together so well. The image shows a large Zulu basket used for a large plant and smaller plants contained in l...[Read More]

Meet Atimpoka

Atimpoka Cynthia Ayine is 37 years old.  She has three boys aged 18,13 and 7 and together with her husband they take care of them. Atimpoka started dyeing her straw at Baba Tree in 2014 and then wove baskets at home.  In 2015 she came to be a resident weaver and now she is a teacher. Working with the Baba Tree is so great because all her fiends are here and she can take care of...[Read More]

Meet Atuah – this is her story

Atuah Charity Aveanah is 26 years old. She has two children Elijah and Eliza and two brothers and three sisters.  Atuah has been weaving with Baba Tree for five years and came to hear about the opportunity through a friend. My friend told me that my weaving was good and that I should weave for the Baba Tree.

Meet Ida – this is her story

Ida Azikura Adivom is 24 years old.  She has three children 2 boys and a girl ; Kennedy, Kinsford and Cristabel and her husband Anthony. Ida has been weaving with Baba Tree weavers for four years.  Previously she was weaving in the house but now comes to weave in the compound. Ida likes weaving because it helps her and her family everyday and allows her to send her children to ...[Read More]

An Update on Baba Tree Weavers

The Baba Tree Basket Co  The Baba Tree Basket Co has been preserving the culture of baskets and the Gurunsi community in Bolgatanga for the last 15 years. It’s here that an exquisitely woven Baba Tree community of over 250 artisans practice a time-honoured weaving technique using elephant grass and their very own “rhythm and flow”. Each basket comes direct from the hands of the...[Read More]

Home Decorating Ideas 3 – Fabulous firesides

Coming out of the Holiday season and heading into Autumn can feel a bit like a reboot.  Whilst I love the sunshine I adore the colours of Autumn and the promise of cosy nights by the fire to ease the Autumn chill. Give your fireside a fresh new look with a basket for logs and/or kindling.

Rwanda Volunteer receives Points of Light Award from the UK PM

Meg Fletcher who started the Kinamba Project in Kigali Rwanda has recently been honoured for her work by receiving the Points of Light award. The award is given to volunteers who go out of their way to make a real difference in the communities in which they serve. The letter from the PM states “Your dedication to improving education opportunities for young people and adul...[Read More]