Extra large sisal basket XL12

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Useful, extra large sisal basket, hand made in Kenya.

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These unique baskets can be used to keep so many different things tidy: toys, magazines, fabric stash… they can even be used as an unusual and attractive cache-pot so long as the interior pot is water-tight; the sky’s the limit!

All the baskets vary in size slightly as they are hand made: this one is 33cms/13″ high by 38-27cms/15-11″ diameter  (it is wider at the top than the base).

They are made out of sisal which is grown either on farms belonging to the basket weavers, or else purchased from a sisal estate nearby. The leaves of the sisal plant are used to obtain a fibre which is rolled into twine, which can then be woven into a basket.

The weavers from the Kasigau Weaver’s Group dye the fibres themselves and then roll the twine on their lap. Making baskets is a very labour intensive art. The baskets come in a number of different colours and patterns, with each design entirely made up by these artistic Taita ladies.