Baskets from Rwanda

Baskets from Rwanda

Basket-making is a Rwandan traditional craft. The baskets are made from sweet-grass, the women dye the grasses different colours and create many different patterns and styles. Artisans use a needle and thread to wrap hand dyed strands of sisal around bunches of locally sourced sweetgrass.

Baskets can be seen everywhere in Rwanda. Their general domestic use has declined now, but they are still presented as gifts as weddings and used on special occasions.

We source these beautiful baskets from Kinamba Community Project which provides education and life chances for the people of the Kinamba community in Kigali. From the age of four children can be admitted to the Nursery school and then if successful in National examinations can progress to secondary school with the help of sponsors.  Literacy classes are held each day where adults and young people train in skills for income generation.

The majority of the women in the basket making group first came to the Literacy class. They meet in the afternoons during the week. Most of the women are parents of children in the project. They enjoy each other’s company while practising their skills. 

The image here shows some of the ladies proudly displaying their work.