Injabulo - Fair Trade African Baskets and Ceramic Buttons

Injabulo - Fair Trade African Baskets and Ceramic Buttons
Injabulo is a specialist seller of fairly traded African baskets - Bolga Baskets from Ghana, Zulu baskets and Telephone Wire baskets from South Africa and handmade ceramic buttons from South Africa

Our baskets are all hand made and high quality : Bolga baskets (View them here) are the most beautiful and useful baskets ever; Zulu baskets make fabulous home decor items and machine washable Ceramic buttons give a real wow factor to any knitted or stitched item.

Our producers are mainly women who are working to empower themselves and provide a living for their families, often under very difficult conditions which we can hardly imagine.

Injabulo is a Zulu word for happiness and you can be assured that purchase of any of our beautiful products helps towards lives being changed for the better. The artists earn a wage far above the minimum. Many of them live in rural areas where there is very little work. A decent wage means that they can buy good nourishing food, pay for education for their children but most importantly hold their heads high and live with dignity.
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