Zulu Ilala Palm Bowl HK

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Hardly a bowl more of a pot but whatever you want to call it, it is gorgeous and we think it would be perfect for holding a beautiful plant.  Simply line the bottom of the pot with something waterproof, or stand the plant on a saucer

Skilfully woven in a beautiful design by Hlengiwe Khumalu.  Diameter 28cms  Height 24cms – all sizes are approximate.

This basket has been woven in traditional tan and black in a mixture of diamond patterns.

As a statement piece on its own, used for kindling at the fireside or to house a plant, the uses for this magnificent bowl are myriad. Crafters may find it useful for holding a beautiful project.  Traditionally a basket this size would be woven to store vegetables in the home.

A totally unique item with authenticity certificate attached.

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14" to 17″ diameter