Pakurigo Wave Basket Large 1


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Large open bowl in “wave” design. A very unusually shaped basket woven only by experienced weavers for which they receive a premium payment.

What a stunner!  These baskets are quite something.  For a start the wave shape is just so unusual and so very clever.  The use of colour in weaving this basket is very subtle, putting colours together that we would not necessarily think would work.  Africans have such an intrinsic eye for colour that reflects the sunshine that surrounds them every day.

It’s not easy to measure these baskets but the widest point across is approximately 40cms (16″) and the basket stands 26cms(10″) high.

This would make a stunning basket for newspapers, vegetables, kindling, – open storage of so many different things, whilst making a real statement.

the colours used are orange, turquoise, purple, yellow and black.


This basket is perfect – we’re making space for a new range of baskets

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10″ to 13" diameter