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Injabulo is an ethical seller of Fairtrade African baskets: Bolga baskets from Ghana, Zulu ceremonial baskets, Telephone Wire Baskets from South Africa and Sweetgrass baskets from Rwanda. Each one of our stylish baskets is handmade to the highest standards, and each basket is totally unique.

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News ( not particularly good news) from Rwanda

Given below is an extract of the latest update by Meg Jenkins (pictured above) who runs the project in Kigali but is currently in UK “There are further re...

More on Telephone Wire Baskets

For many years now we have sold beautiful telephone wire baskets/bowls created using the more complex method of “soft wire weaving” where the basket...

Telephone Wire Baskets as Lampshades!

Telephone Wire Baskets are beautiful, exclusive, unique and very different. Have you ever thought of turning one into a lampshade or using an assortment of the ...

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