<span style='color: #002d56;'>Chrissie & Roger</span>

Chrissie & Roger

Chrissie - founder of Injabulo
Roger - Chrissie's Rock; also gofer, humper and dumper, sounding board, and total and absolute support and lovely man.

<span style='color: #002d56;'>The symbolism of the Butterfly</span>

The symbolism of the Butterfly

The Butterfly is part of our logo and was chosen as we had received a beautiful butterfly fridge magnet from one of our producers and I just thought that it was so gorgeous that I wanted to include it. The dominant colours of the butterfly (blue and green) were used as well as an image of the actual butterfly.
When I looked up the symbolism of the butterfly I found that it has quite powerful symbolism some of which is included below. The reference to the journey (highlighted) is very relevant to me personally and what I have achieved and learnt on my own personal journey with Injabulo.

The Butterfly is a powerful symbol in myth and religion and in many cultures, the butterfly has been the symbol of the soul that physical death can not destroy.
Like the butterfly, we are all on a journey. On this journey we encounter endless turns, shifts, and conditions that cause us to metamorphasize. All change is good - even if it may not seem so at the time. Change is what life is made of and it is necessary to grow and learn. At our journey's end we are inevitably transformed - not at all the same as when we started on the path.
In Greek myth, Psyche (which literally translates to mean "soul") is represented in the form of a butterfly. Befittingly, Psyche is forever linked with love as she and Eros (Cupid) (the Greek god of love) shared an endlessly passionate bond together - both hopelessly in love with the other.
In Christianity, it a soulful symbol as well. The butterfly is a symbol of rebirth and immortality. The butterfly is often seen depicted on ancient tombs, and Christ has been illustrated holding a butterfly in Christian art.
In China it symbolized conjugal bliss and joy.
American Indians call upon the butterfly for guidance in change, color, and happiness.

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